Jiji Contact Number Nigeria: WhatsApp, Phone, Email, and Location

Jiji Contact Number Nigeria: WhatsApp, Phone, Email, and Location

Jiji Contact Number Nigeria: WhatsApp, Phone, Email, and Location.

Find the fastest and easiest ways to contact Jiji Nigeria, including WhatsApp, phone, email, and location. Get a step-by-step guide on how to reach out to Jiji customer support.. see full guide below. here, we will be looking at: jiji whatsapp numbers, phone numbers, email address and location.

Lots of businesses and individuals are very much interested on the fastest and easiest ways to get in touch with jiji. This is why we have decided to guide you with the most updated means of contacting jiji.

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various ways to contact jiji: Whatsapp, Phone number, Email And Phone Calls

There are 4 major ways of contacting jiji, they include: email, whatsapp, calls/phone numbers and location.

  1. jiji Whatsapp number: you can now contact jiji via whatsapp by reaching out to jiji sales support on: +2347066123112.

pros and cons of contacting jiji via whatsapp:

  • The pros of contacting jiji via whatsapp is that the response time is almost immediate. While the cons is that you will need an android or iphone that has whatsapp installed in order to reach out to jiji by whatsapp.
  1. jiji contact number Nigeria: You can also call jiji with a one button dial with the phone number: 07066123112.

pros and cons of contacting jiji by call:

  • The pros of calling jiji support is that you can express yourself orally while the cons is that you will need an airtime to do that. This is because the call is not free of charge.
  1. jiji Email: email is another good way of contacting jiji, only that you have to join the waiting queue; this is because all complaints in your country as a whole is challenged to this email address: support@jiji.ng for the country Nigeria.

pros and cons of contacting jiji by Email:

  • the major cons of contacting jiji customer support or call center by email is due to the slow response time: In most cases, it can take days or over a week for your email to be replied by jiji customer support. while the pros is that your issue will definitely be attended to by one of jiji customer support.
  1. jiji Location: Lots of business owners and individuals always wants to know where jiji is located so as to get clarifications on some certain subjects. while some might want to inquire about the cost of advertisement, proposals for jiji ads for their business, general knowledge on how jiji can help them sell their products and services online, etc.

pros and cons of contacting jiji by visiting location:

  • When it comes to visiting jiji, this is the last option you can explore. This is because, you won’t find relevant help by visiting the location (you will most likely find field agents in the office and not sales support or call support). However, if you meet a willing sales agent, he/she might table your issue to jiji customer support.

Among all of these various means of contacting jiji, the best, reliable and fastest means of reaching out to jiji customer support is by Whatsapp or call to the number: 07066123112.

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Jiji Contact Number Nigeria: WhatsApp, Phone, Email, and Location

Here is a VIDEO GUIDE on how to contact jiji


in conclusion, the fastest way to reach out to jiji is via whatsapp through the number: 07066123112 (jiji sales support). You can also contact jiji via email, calls and by visiting their physical location nearest to you.
Do let us know if you have any other inquiry on how to contact jiji via whatsapp, calls, physical location and email address. You can also drop your comment at the comment section below or mail us at info@webemtech.com

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