Do I Stop Ranking On Google After Adsense Disables My Account? | SEO Tips

Do I Stop Ranking On Google After Adsense Disables My Account? | SEO Tips

Do I Stop Ranking On Google After Adsense Disables My Account? | SEO Tips

Curious about the impact of Adsense account disablement on Google rankings? Unravel the mystery and discover essential SEO tips to maintain your online presence and visibility. Explore expert insights now! by webemtech

You do not actually stop ranking on Google after Adsense disables your account; This is because Google adsense policies are different from Google SEO policies. Below are reasons why and things you need to take note of if your Adsense Account is disabled and how to boost your website to scale up your ranking scores:

Reasons for Google Adsense Disabling on your website

There are various reasons why Google might disable your adsense account. but the general reason is because you have violated one or two of Google Adsense Programme policies stated HERE. some of the major reasons as stated in their programme policies are: invalid activities, multiple account creation, plagiarized contents without proper citations, AI written content without adding any touch of originality, etc.

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Google SEO Policies That could affect your rankings on Google SERP

Just like Google Adsense, Google also has policies that guide your website appearing at the top of the Google SERP which could affect your ranking positively or negatively. Some of such policies are: website should contain original content, should avoid plagiarized content without proper citation, websites should be mobile friendly with good user experience, good navigation, fast load time (between 0 to 3sec load time is a good one), etc.

What happens to your website when Google disables your adsense?

when Google adsense is disabled from your website, your website will no longer serve ads from Google. In other words, Google has rejected you from partnering in their Adsense programme due to violation of the Adsense programme policies. When a website has such actions from Google, the areas that contains google ads code will be showing blank since they have been disconnected from Google Adsense. This Disablement affects the publishers ID.

Google Adsense provides affected publishers the ability to submit an appeal if they feel that the action was not fair. However, lots of publishers on Google adsense has said that the possibility of having affected publishers account reinstated is almost impossible even after submitting the appeal. This is because before Google disables any adsense account, Adsense pro team would have done a deep investigation on your account and have come to the final conclusion that it is no longer in compliance to their programme policies.

What happens to your SEO Ranking after Google adsense disables your adsense account?

If your website or blog has been disabled from using Google adsense, it doesn’t affect your SEO ranking if you are obeying the SEO policies as stated above. so do not panic for search visibility of your website upon adsense disablement. The only concern here is that you won’t receive any earning from Google adsense as no advertisement from Google is being served on your website.

Way forward after Google Adsense disablement on your website

lots of people get discouraged upon disablement of Google adsense on their website, some bloggers or website owners would close the website, some would give up on creating their usual content as they are no longer being paid by the user friendly Google adsense programme. But that shouldn’t be. There are lots of amazing things you could use your website or blog for that can fetch you good money almost in comparison to Adsense or even more than Google Adsense. some of which are:

  • Sign up for an affiliate marketing platform and start promoting affiliate marketing products using your organic traffic
  • Try other Adsense alternatives such as: Adsterra, Pop Ads, etc.
  • start accepting guest posting and link inclusions from website on your website
  • sell your digital products or others products on your website
  • you can also plan to sell the website to interested affiliate marketers looking for a website with a good DA.

Do I Stop Ranking On Google After Adsense Disables My Account? | SEO Tips


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